Kangxi Radical 48: 工 gōng Work

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Kangxi Radical 48 (Three Strokes)

工 / gōng / “work” radical (48)
aka: Kangxi Radical Work
工 / gōng / work, worker

工作 / gōngzuò / job, work, construction
/ gōngrén / worker
[工廠] / gōngchǎng / factory
工 [開工] / kāigōng / to begin work (of a factory or engineering operation), to start a construction job
工 / nǚgōng / working woman, needlework
工 / mùgōng / carpentry, carpenter
电工 [電工] / diàngōng / electrician
同工 / tóng gōng / fellow workers
时工 [時工] / xiǎoshígōng / hourly worker, hourly job
[工學] / gōngyué / engineering, industrial science
工 [廠工] / chǎng gōng / factory, factory worker
工 [義工] / yìgōng / volunteer worker



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