Kangxi Radical 191: 斗 [鬥] dòu Fight

Kangxi Radical 191: 斗 [鬥] dòu “fight” ☞

 Simplified: 斗


Traditional: 鬥



斗 [鬥] ~ dòu ~ “fight” radical (191)
aka: Kangxi Radical Fight
斗 [鬥] ~ dòu ~ to fight, to struggle
• identical (in simplified form) to: 斗 ~ “dipper” (68)

斗争 [鬥爭] ~ dòuzhēn ~ a struggle, fight, battle
战斗 [戰鬥] ~ zhàndòu ~ to fight, to battle
战斗 [戰鬥] ~ zhàndòulì ~ fighting strength
内斗 [内鬥] ~ nèi dòu ~ internal strife, power struggle
齿 [鬥齒] ~ dòu kǒuchǐ ~ to bicker
斗 [龍鬥] ~ lónghǔ dòu ~ fight between powerful contenders (lit. dragon tiger fight)



10 thoughts on “Kangxi Radical 191: 斗 [鬥] dòu Fight

  1. Thank you very much!
    I deliberately decided to use tone numbers at some point, though actually I’m, er, no longer sure what precisely my reasoning for that was at the time, so maybe I really should rethink that.


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