Kangxi Radical 47: 川 chuān River

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3-47b River Chuan1 8x5

Kangxi Radical 47  (Three Strokes)

川 (巛巜) / chuān / “river” radical (47)
aka: Kangxi Radical River
川 / chuān / river

河川 / héchuān / rivers
冰川 / bīngchuān / glacier
川 / Sìchuān / Sichuan province (Szechuan)

江 / jiāng / river
河 / hé / river
河流 / héliú / river
水流 / shuǐliú / river, stream

Here’s the current queue, which should last throughout April:
龟囗 囚金回寸长目曰夕斗[鬥]夂夊行韭角工士甘亠彡歹首


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