Kangxi Radical 176: 面 miàn Face

Kangxi Radical 176: 面 miàn “face” ☞




面 (靣) ~ miàn ~ “face” radical (176)
aka: Kangxi Radical Face
面 ~ miàn ~ face, side, surface
面 [麵] ~ miàn ~ noodles, flour

面 ~ xiàmian ~ below, under, next
面 ~ shàngmian ~ on top of, above-mentioned
前面 ~ qiánmiàn ~ ahead, in front, preceding
面 [裡面] ~ lǐmiàn ~ inside, interior
后面 ~ hòumian ~ back, behind, later
~ miànmù ~ appearance, facial features
见面 [見面] ~ jiànmiàn ~ to meet, to see sb
面 ~ sìmiàn ~ all sides (lit. four sides)
~ miànsè ~ complexion
面 [門面] ~ ménmian ~ shop front, facade
面 ~ shuǐmiàn ~ water surface
米面 ~ mǐmiàn ~ rice and noodles, rice flour, rice-flour noodles
马面 [馬面] ~ Mǎmiàn ~ Horse-face (one of the two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology)



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