Kangxi Radical 169: 门 [門] mén Gate

Kangxi Radical 169: 门 [門] mén “gate” ☞

 Simplified: 门


Traditional: 門



门 [門] ~ mén ~ “gate” radical (169)
aka: Kangxi Radical Gate
门 [門] ~ mén ~ gate, opening, way, family, house, category

[門] ~ ménkǒu ~ doorway, gate
门 [門] ~ dàmén ~ entrance, gate
门 [門] ~ chūmén ~ go on a journey, exit door, go out of the door
门 [開門] ~ kāimén ~ open the door
门 [門] ~ Tiān’ānmén ~ Tiananmen (Square)
门 [門] ~ rùmén ~ entrance door, enter a door, introduction (to a subject)
车门 [車門] ~ chēmén ~ vehicle door
[門] ~ ménmian ~ shop front, facade
门 [門] ~ shānmén ~ (Buddhist) monastery main gate, monastery
门关 [門關] ~ guǐménguān ~ the gates of hell
门 [門] ~ chū rùmén ~ entrance and exit door
看门 [看門] ~ kān ménrén ~ janitor, watchman
西门 [西門] ~ Xīménzǐ ~ Siemens (name)
阿门 [阿門] ~ Āmén ~ Amen

闩 [閂] ~ shuān ~ bolt, latch
问 [問] ~ wèn ~ to ask
阈 [閾] ~ yù ~ threshold

Happy Chinese New Year!

I was planning on doing something with the characters for horse and sheep around this time, but drawing these animals turned out to be trickier than expected so they’ll have to wait for a less appropriate time.



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