Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know a bit about some topics I plan to post about in the not too distant future.

— How useful are mnemonics for language learning anyway?

Keaun Reeves: I know Kung Fu
Spoiler: It’s not like this, sadly

— The structure of Chinese characters


— What exactly are Chinese (Kangxi) Radicals and how do they work?


— Glances at other writing systems

Rongorongo: infinitely more difficult to read than Chinese

— My own efforts at learning Chinese beyond just having fun with the characters


— Et cetera

Basically, I intend to widen the blog’s focus a bit and wanted to give a heads up.  I’m not sure about the details yet , but odds are I’ll handle them with my usual approach of doing whatever seems like a good idea at the time.

That’s just about it, I think, except for the obligatory plug for my other blog, Sinister Key.

Thank you very much and see you around…



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