Chinese Character: 果 guǒ Fruit

果 guǒ fruit (→ Radical: 木)



果 ~ guǒ ~ fruit
• Radical: 木 ~ “tree” (75)
• Component: 田 ~ “field” (102)

~ guǒzi ~ fruit
~ guǒmù ~ fruit tree
如果 ~ rúguǒ ~ if
苹果 [蘋果] ~ píngguǒ ~ apple
果 ~ shuǐguǒ ~ fruit
~ guǒròu ~ pulp
果 ~ Yǔguǒ ~ Hugo (name)

And helpfully suggested by Learn Everyday Chinese:

果酱 [果醬] ~ guǒjiǎng ~ jam
果 [龍果] ~ huǒlóngguǒ ~ dragon fruit
果真 ~ guǒzhēn ~ really, as expected, if indeed…


9 thoughts on “Chinese Character: 果 guǒ Fruit

    1. Well, this confused me until I realized it’s vocabulary suggestions. I tried to read this as a sentence at first. Well, okay, I tried to let google translate read it as a sentence: “Jam, dragon fruit, really?”

      Anyhow, thank you very much!

      果酱 [果醬] guo3jiang3 jam
      火龙果 [火龍果] huo3long2guo3 dragon fruit
      果真 guo3zhen1 really/as expected/if indeed…

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