Kangxi Radical 68: 斗 dǒu Dipper

Kangxi Radical 68: 斗 dǒu “dipper”☞



斗 ~ dǒu ~ “dipper” radical (68) ↗ xiaoma.info
aka: Kangxi Radical Dipper
斗 ~ dǒu ~ measure for grain, cup or dipper shaped object
斗 ~ Dǒu ~ abbr. for: 北斗 ~ Běidǒu / 北斗 ~ Běidǒuxīng ~ Big Dipper
Compare: 斗 [鬥] ~ dòu ~ to fight



13 thoughts on “Kangxi Radical 68: 斗 dǒu Dipper

    1. “Fist of the North Star” is the English title, I think. I’ve heard of it here and there, but I have never read it myself or know much about it except it has lots of fighting.


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