Kangxi Radical 5: 乙 yǐ Second

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Mnemonic Kangxi Radical 005 Second Heavenly Stem

Kangxi Radical No.5 (One Stroke)

乙 (乚乛) / yǐ / second heavenly stem / “second” radical (5)
aka: second heavenly stem, second celestial stem, fishing hook, Kangxi Radical Second
• 乚 and 乛 are not independent characters

⇒ en.wiktionary:

Note: 乙 doesn’t really mean ‘second’– it’s the second in a specific sequence that’s used to enumerate lists (roughly comparable to “Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta…” or “i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi…”). It derives from the old Chinese calendar system,which don’t ask me to explain because I can’t even wrap my head around daylight savings time.
These characters are also used for some other purposes, such as grading, as Will helpfully pointed out in the comments.

en.wikipedia: Celestial stem

折 /shé / to break
折 / zhē to / turn over
折  (摺) / zhé / to fold, to bend, turning brush stroke (乙)

乙太 [乙太] / yǐtài / ether
乙太路 [乙太] / yǐtài wǎng lù / Ethernet
/yǐfāng / second party (law)

书 [書] / shū / book, letter
买 [買] / mǎi / to buy
九  / jiǔ / nine, 9
乞 / qǐ / to beg
也 / yě /also



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