Chinese Character: 朱 zhū red, vermilion

朱 zhū red, vermilion (→ Radical: 木)



朱 ~ zhū ~ red, vermilion
朱 ~ Zhū ~ surname Zhu
• Compare: 赤 ~ “red” (155)/ naked
• Compare: 红 ~ (red/bonus)

[朱紅] ~ zhūhóng ~ vermilion
朱丽叶 [朱麗葉] ~ Zhūlìyè ~ Juliet, Juliette

Colors Series

  1. 赤 red/naked
  2. 青 green/blue
  3. 红 red/bonus
  4. 玄 black/profound
  5. 白 white
  6. 黑 black
  7. 黄 yellow/pornographic
  8. 蓝 blue
  9. 朱 red/vermilion
  10. 色 color/sex
  11. Gallery

For context: Color in Chinese Culture (Wikipedia article)


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