Kangxi Radical 95: 玄 xuán Profound

  Kangxi Radical 95: 玄 xuán “profound”  ☞





玄 ~ xuán ~ “profound” radical (95)
aka: Kangxi Radical Profound
玄 ~ xuán ~ dark, deep, black, mysterious

~ xuánqīng ~ deep black
玄妙 ~ xuánmiào ~ mysterious, profound, abstruse

率 ~ lǜ ~ frequency
率 ~ shuài ~ to lead, hasty, frank, usually ~ ↗ xiaoma.info

地玄 ~ Tiāndì xuánhuáng ~ Black sky, yellow earth; first line of: 千字文 ~ Qiān Zì Wén ~  Thousand Character Classic ~ ↗ en.wikipedia

Color Series:

For context: Color in Chinese Culture (Wikipedia article)



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