Kangxi Radical 155: 赤 chì Red / Naked

Kangxi Radical 155: 赤 chì “red”/ naked ☞



赤 ~ chì ~ “red” radical (155)
aka: Kangxi Radical Red
赤 ~ chì ~ red, scarlet, bare, naked
• Component: 大 ~ “big” (37)
• Component: 火 ~ “fire” (86)
• Compare: 朱 ~ red, vermilion
• Compare: 红 ~ red, bonus

~ chìshēn ~ naked
赤足 ~ chìzú ~ barefoot

~ xīxǔguǐ ~ leech, vampire

This is a kind of preview for a series of characters relating to colors. It’ll continue on November 17th and conclude on the 25th, plus I’ll put up a gallery on the 26th. I didn’t quite manage to cover the entire spectrum, but it’s a pretty solid sample, I think.

For context: Color in Chinese Culture (Wikipedia article)

Colors Series

  1. 赤 — red/naked
  2. 青 — green/blue
  3. 红 — red/bonus
  4. 玄 — black/profound
  5. 白 — white
  6. 黑 — black
  7. 黄 — yellow/pornographic
  8. 蓝 — blue
  9. 朱 — red/vermilion
  10. 色 — color/sex
  11. Gallery

Somewhat related, I think I’ve covered enough characters now that it makes sense to interlink and cross-reference them, so there’ll be some additions to older posts as that becomes relevant and I get around to it.


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