Kangxi Radical 27: 厂 hǎn Cliff // 厂 [廠] chǎng factory

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Kangxi Radical No.27 (Two Strokes)

⼚ [] / hǎn / “cliff” radical (27)
aka: [偏廠], [廠頭], Kangxi Radical Cliff
• not an independent character in traditional script
• Not to be confused with: 广  “shelter” (53)

厂 [廠] / chǎng / factory, yard

厅 tīng (reception) hall; office

原 / yuán / original, raw, level
历 [歷] / lì / to experience, every, history, calendar
厕 [廁] / cè / toilet
厨 [廚] / chú / kitchen

厂 [廠] / gōngchǎng / factory
[廠長] / chǎng zhǎng / factory director
[廠] / chǎng zhǔ / factory owner
[廠] / chǎngzi / yard, depot
[廠] / chǎng gōng / factory, factory worker
[廠絲] / chǎngsī / filature silk

Note: 廠 is not the traditional form of the “cliff” radical. What happened here is that as part of the simplification of characters sometimes several traditional characters get conflated into one simplified character. This instance has the slightly confusing extra wrinkle that in traditional script ⼚ doesn’t function as an independent character in normal writing, but only exists for indexing/description purposes or as component part of another character.



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