Kangxi Radical 4: 丿 piě Slash

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Mnemonic Chinese Character 丿 (乀乁) Kangxi Radical 004 pie3 Slash



Kangxi Radical No.4 (One Stroke)

丿 (乀乁) / piě / “slash” radical (4)
aka: 撇, line, left-falling stroke, Kangxi Radical Slash
• not an independent character

⇒ en.wikipedia: Radical 4 ⇒ en.wiktionary: 丿 / /

撇 / piē / cast away, fling aside
撇 / piě / throw, cast, left-falling stroke (丿)

乐 [樂] / lè / happy
[烏] / wū / crow
乒 / pīng / onomat. ping
乓 / pāng / onomat. bang
乒乓 / pīngpāng / ping-pong / → Hobbies


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