Kangxi Radical 195: 鱼 [魚] yú Fish

Kangxi Radical 195: 鱼 [魚] yú “fish” ☞

 Simplified: 鱼


Traditional: 魚


鱼 [魚] / yú / “fish” radical (195)
aka: Kangxi Radical Fish
鱼 [魚] / yú / fish

渔 [漁] / yú / fisherman, to fish
打鱼 [打魚] / dǎ yú / to fish

鲕 [鮞] / ér / caviar
• Radical: 鱼 [魚] / “fish” (195)
• Component: 而 / ér / (126)

鲭鱼 [鯖魚] /qīng yú / mackerel
鲭 [鯖] / qīng
• Radical: 鱼 [魚] / “fish” (195)
• Component: 青 / qīng / (174)

缘木求鱼 (climb a tree to catch fish)
城门失火,殃及池鱼 (fire in the city gates, a calamity for the fish in the moat)


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